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How to Create a Corporate Account


When making Corporate or Online Travel Agent (OTA) Reservations in the PMS, a Client Type with a Corporate Function will need to be used during the booking process, so that a Corporate Profile can be attached.

Corporate Profiles can be linked to Rate Plans, City Ledger Accounts, as well as dictate routing instructions for Room & Tax.

The following article outlines the steps involved in creating a Corporate (Company/Business) Account profile in the PMS.

Adding a new Corporate Account

To create a Corporate Account go to Operations > Corporate

Adding a new Corporate Account

Click Add on the Corporate window.

  • Type - this area will remain Corporate
  • ID - This field is not mandatory, however, the function of this field is that it allows you to search by the “ID” field by click on the column to sort the names alphabetically and then typing in the blank field to the right of the screen to find a specific Corporate Account.
  • Name - enter the name of the Corporate Account
  • Contact - enter the main contact name for this Corporate Account
  • Street Address - enter in the street address
  • Zip/Postal Code - enter in the postal code (NOTE: by entering in the postal code, the City, Country & Province/State will automatically populate for North American addresses)
  • Attach Note - Notes inputted into this field will automatically appear in the Reservation Notes section of any reservation booked for this Corporate Account. An example attached note: “Room & Tax to City Account” or, “All charges to the Individual.” Typically, notes are in regards to billing instructions.
  • Folio number (Room & Tax Charges) - Select Folio 1 if the guest is responsible for paying their own charges. Select Folio 8 if the company (or a 3rd party) is paying for room and taxes. NOTE: If no folio number is selected, the charges will default to Folio 1, and will appear on the Guest's Folio upon check-out. As a Best Practice, it is recommended that a folio is ALWAYS selected here.
  • Active - this box is automatically checked when creating a Corporate Account.
  • Has City Account - check this box if you wish to attach a City Account to this Corporate Account
  • City Account - if the City Account already exists, use the “City Account” drop down menu to search for the existing City Account. If the City Account does not yet exist you must check the “Create a New Account” checkbox to the left and then type the name of the account and desired Credit Limit manually into this area. Once the information is saved it will create the City Account in the City Ledger Module for you.
  • Credit Limit - if a City Account is selected from the City Account drop down menu, the credit limit with auto populate with the credit limit for the selected City Account. If you have manually entered a City Account, you will also manually enter the Credit Limit that applies to the City Account. NOTE: The Credit Limit should always be enough to cover all charges that are expected to be transferred to the City Ledger upon check-out. If an account runs out of credit, settlement upon check-out to the City Ledger will not be possible.
  • Create a New Account - you only need to check this box if you wish to attach a City Account to this Corporate that does not already exist in the City Ledger Module. Checking this box allows you to create a new City Ledger Account by typing the City Account name into the “Bill To” area and assigning a credit limit by entering the desired credit limit into the “Credit Limit” area.
  • Use Account Information - if a City Account is selected from the City Account drop down menu, you may check this box and the address information below will populate with the same address found on the City Account
  • Telephone - enter in the telephone number for the Corporate Account
  • Business Number/Fax/Email - these fields are not mandatory but may be filled in
  • Sales Manager - clerk’s that are set as Sales Managers will show in the drop down and will be used in reporting
  • Date Created - this date will automatically populate after the Corporate Account is created
  • Tag - tags are used to link Corporate/Wholesale/Groups together for reporting purposes
  • Attach Rates from Client Type - You have two options when it comes to attaching rates to your Corporate Account:

    1)  If you wish to attach generic rates from a specific Corporate Client Type to this Corporate Account, check the “Attach Rates from Client Type” box and use the drop down menu to select the desired Client Type. Be careful doing this, as all companies' rates associated with the chosen “CORP” Client Type will then be attached to this Corporate Account, which may not be the desired outcome.

    2)  If you wish to attach a specific rate that would apply to this Corporate Account only (ie: you have created an "ABC Rate" for "ABC Company"), then you would not check this box. You would instead use the "Corporates" Tab on the Rate Plan in the Rate Wizard, and attach this company's Corporate Account to the Rate Plan. Please see the article How To Attach a Rate to Corporate Account Using the Rate Wizard

When all pertinent company and billing information is filled out, click Post to create the Corporate Account.

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