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Sales Manager Commission Tracking


It is possible to track commissions earned by Sales Managers on Corporate Business they bring to the property. For this reason, a specific Sales Manager can be associated with a specific Corporate Account in the PMS.

The following article explains the steps involved in enabling this feature and setting it up in the PMS.

Enabling the Property Permission

To use the Sales Manager feature, Permission “2060, Track Sales Manager for Corporate Accounts” must be enabled for the property.

To do this, go to System Configuration > Property to access the Property Module, then navigate to the Permissions tab.

Enabling the Property Permission
  1. Open the Operations list on the Available side by clicking the + symbol next to it
  2. Click on permission: 2060, Track Sales Manager for Corporate/Wholesaler Accounts
  3. Click Select - this will move the Permission over to the Selected side
  4. Click Post to complete

After this Permission is added, and before moving onto the next step, you must log out and back into the PMS for it to take effect.

Activating Sales Manager On a Clerk

The next thing step is to identify which users in the PMS are Sales Managers. This is done in the Clerks Module.

To designate at Clerk as a Sales Manager:

  • Open the Clerks Module by going to System Configuration > Clerks
  • Click on the Clerk that you would like to make a Sales Manager
  • Click Modify
Activating Sales Manager On a Clerk
  • Check the Is Sales Manager box
  • Click Post
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