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How to Attach a Rate to a Corporate Account Using the Rate Wizard


Once a Corporate Account is created, in order for it to be attached to a booking, it needs to be associated with a Rate Plan. This article explains how to attach a Corporate Account to a specific Rate Plan in the Rate Wizard.

NOTE: When dealing with Corporate Accounts in the PMS alone, it is possible to associate multiple Corporate Accounts to one generic Corporate Rate Plan. For example, "Company A", "Company B", and "Company C" can all be attached to "Corporate Rate Plan 1".  This rule changes however, as soon as selling via any kind of GDS interface is introduced. For example, if you plan to use interfaces to a GDS like Synxis/Sabre, Travelclick/iHotelier, or even a Channel Manger like Siteminder, the requirements are that all Rate Plans and Corporate Accounts are connected on a 1 to 1 relationship. This means that the "Company A" Corporate Account must be attached to the "Company A Rate Plan", "Company B" Corporate Account to "Company B Rate Plan", and so on. Each Corporate Account that you wish to have bookable via the GDS must be attached to it's own unique Rate Plan.

Attaching a Corporate Profile to a Rate

Once the Corporate Account is created, open the Rate Wizard - System Configuration > Rate Wizard

Attaching a Corporate Profile to a Rate

In the Rate Wizard, choose the rate you wish to attach the Corporate Account to, and click the Edit icon

Proceed to the Corproates tab. A list of the associated Rate Types (Channels) will be displayed. Click the "+" icon next to the Rate Types this rate is intended to be sold through.

We now see a list of all the Corporate Accounts created in the PMS. Place checkmark in the box next to the Corporate Account you want to associate with this Rate Plan.  In the below example we are attaching the Corporate Account for "ABC Company" to the "ABC Company" Rate Plan.

Remember that if this Rate Plan is being sold via a GDS interface, there can only be one Corporate Account per Rate Plan.

Once complete, click the Update button.

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