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Using Corporate Web Codes for eRes


This article explains how to use the Web Codes for Corporate bookings through eRes. This method works only with our proprietary eRes product, and is not available for other booking engines.

Configuring the Rate Plan

For the Rate Plan that is to be used for the Corporate Account:

  1. Ensure that the Hotel Website Channel is selected on the Rate Plan in the Rate Wizard.
  2. If you do not wish to sell the Rate Plan on eRes without a Web Code, do not attach the Rate Plan to either the Online Booking or Corporate Online Booking Client Types under the Hotel Website Channel.
Configuring the Rate Plan
  • Ensure the Rate Plan is attached to both Hotel Direct and Hotel Website under the Corporate tab on the Rate Plan in Rate Wizard
  • Click Update to save any changes
  • Close the Rate Wizard

Creating the Web Code

Open the Corporate Module under Operations > Corporate

  1. Select the desired Corporate Account
  2. Go to the Web Codes tab
  3. Click Insert and the PMS will assign a randomly generated 6 digit number as the Access Code
  4. If desired, the Access Code can be changed, but must be a minimum of 3 alpha-numeric characters, spaces are not recommended. The Access Code Description is optional.
  5. Click Post to save the changes

The Web Access Code entered here will only be visible internally in the PMS, and should be given in confidence to the company for which it is intended.

Creating the Web Code

Using the Code on eRes

Once a Web Access Code has been given to a company, they will be able to use it when booking through our eRes Online Booking Engine.  To make a reservation using the code, it will need to be entered into the Promo Code box on eRes.

Using the Code on eRes

When bookings flow through to the PMS, although the Client Type will still show up under CORPWEB which has a Corporate function, you can track the reservations by either using the Rate Plan Name (Reports > Statistics > Segmentation Report Summary) or by using the reports offered in the Corporate Module.

Another way to track reservations made via a Web Code is through the Source of Business that is created after each reservation is made.  Whenever a guest creates a reservation via eRes using either:

  • a Group Code from the Groups Module area
  • an eRes Promo Code from the Client Types area
  • a Web Code from the Corporate Accounts area
  • a Coupon Code from the Online Bookings Promotion area

A corresponding Source of Business is then created under System Configuration -> Property -> Source of Business when a guest makes a reservation (see below).  It will say "Web Reservation" and then the code the guest used (see below).

Therefore, Clients can get reports for their Online Promotions by running any Source of Business related report in either RoomKey or BI.

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