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How to Delete a Corporate Account


A Corporate Account can only be deleted if it was never used to make any reservations within the PMS. Once a Corporate Account has been used, it has history tied to it and therefore must be made inactive if you no longer wish for it to be used.

To Delete a Corporate Account go to Operations > Corporate

Deleting a Corporate Account

Click on the Corporate Account you wish to delete (ensure the arrow is pointing towards the account name), and click the Delete button to the right of the screen.

Deleting a Corporate Account

If the Corporate Account has no history, it will be deleted from the Corporate Module. If it does have history, you will encounter the following error:

In this situation the only option is to deactivate the Corporate Account, as it can no longer be deleted.

To make a Corporate Account inactive:

  • Click on the account
  • Click Modify
  • Uncheck the Active box
  • Click Post
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