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Attaching a Tag to a Corporate Account in the Corporate Module


The Tag Manager provides the ability to link Corporate/Wholesale Accounts and Groups together, based on a common company or trait for the purposes of reporting.  Essentially, the tag unifies a company's performance statistics across Corporate Accounts, Groups and Wholesalers, reporting on that company's cumulative data from all three areas in the PMS.

The Tag can be used as a filter on both the Statistical and Forecast versions of the Occupancy and Revenue – Transient vs Group Reports.

This article will outline how Tags can be added to Corporate Accounts in the Corporate Module.

Attaching an existing Tag

To attach a Tag to a specific Corporate Account:

  • Go to Operations > Corporates  
  • Select an existing Corporate Account (if the desired account does not exist you will need to create it)
  • Click Modify
  • Using the Tag Manager drop down, select an existing Tag
Attaching an existing Tag

After selecting the desired tag, click Post to save the change.

Attaching a New Tag

Should a new tag need to be created from the Corporates Module, click on the magnifying glass button next to the Tag box; This is a shortcut into the Tag Manager where the new Tag can be created.

Attaching a New Tag

Inside the Tag Manager:

  1. Click Add to create a new tag.
  2. Type the Tag into the Tag Name field
  3. When done, click Post to save it
  • Close out of the Tag Manager widow to return to the Corporate Account window (notice the Tag field is now populated with the new tag)
  • Click Post
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