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Clerk Permissions for Accessing Owner Accounting

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Owner Accounting is a web-based application. A web link to access the OA site will be provided by the Training and Implementation Specialist that conducts the Owner Accounting training. It is suggested to bookmark this link for easy access. In addition to the link provided, certain Clerk Permissions need to be granted to allow access to the OA system. The following article outlines those required permissions.

To log into Owner's Accounting, please use the same user name and password as for the PMS. However, before logging in, the proper permissions must be granted.

In the PMS, go to System Configuration > Clerks

  • Ensure the black arrow is pointing to the appropriate clerk name
  • Go to the Permissions tab and on the right hand side click on plus sign (+) next to Operations. Select permission 1520 HOA Access and click the Give button to move the permission over to the left hand side.
  • Click Post to save changes.
  • Follow these steps for each clerk that should have access to Owner Accounting.

These users can now login to Owner Accounting using their PMS username & password.

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