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Once a new month has been Opened for viewing and Revenue has been imported for the following month, the previous month is considered CLOSED. When a month is Closed it means that changes can no longer be made to the statements.

For example:  If the Statements for June have been Opened for viewing, as soon as the Revenue for July has been imported, June would then be considered CLOSED.

In order to make changes to June, the Open Previous Month function would need to be used.  Open Previous Month can be found in OA under Configuration Settings.

NOTE: Once the July statements have been opened, and the Revenue for August has been imported, June will be considered permanently closed, as it is not possible to open statements from two months back.

To open the previous month, proceed to Configuration Settings > Open Previous Month

Click the Open Previous Month button to open the previous month’s statements.

A message will appear saying the previous month has been re-opened. It will now be possible to make any necessary changes to the previous months statements. When all changes have been made, the statements will need to be re-calculated before moving on to the current month.

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