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Below are some commonly asked questions surrounding Owner's Accounting.

How can I show a rebate for an expense?

When posting an expense, place a negative in front of the Amount.

How can an Owner view their Statements Online if they own multiple Units?

After the Owner logs in to view their Statement, they will see a Unit drop down menu in the top left hand corner of their screen. They can use this drop down menu to view the Statements for their various Units.

Can I make changes to a previous month once I have enabled viewing for Owners?

You can use the “Open Previous Month” function to make changes to a previous month if necessary. You may only go back 1 month. For more information please see the Open Previous Month section of this document.

How do I remove a Unit from a Pool?

You would locate the Unit under Configuration Settings > Units and you would change the Pooled? from Yes to No.

How can I delete a Transaction Code from OA?

To delete a Transaction Code from OA, simply go to Configuration Settings > Transactions Codes and select the Delete link next to the Transaction Code that you wish to delete. NOTE: A Transaction Code cannot be deleted once it has been used in OA.

An Owner has forgotten their password, how do they retrieve it?

If an Owner has forgotten their password, direct them to the Register/Forgotten Password link on the login screen. After they enter their email address into this area they will be emailed a new password so that they may login.

Why does an Owner's Statement shows no room revenue for the month?

It is possible that the Room Revenue for the month was imported prior to the month’s end. Import the Room Revenue again and then re-calculate your statements. If this does not address the problem please contact Support.

Statement Month is showing incorrectly on emails being sent out to Owners.

The Statement Month that appears on the emails is due to the macro {StatementMonth} that is located under the Configuration Settings > Property > Statement Advisory area. It is possible that this marco is either missing or has been misspelled. Make the necessary changes in the Statement Advisory area. If the issue persists please contact Support.

A Unit is missing from the Unit Summary Report

Ensure that the Unit is showing Active. If a Unit is inactive it will not appear on the Unit Summary Report.

How do I import a new Unit into OA from the PMS?

Use the Get New Rooms button located under Configuration Settings > Units.

A room rate was adjusted in the PMS, but the adjustment did not flow through to OA. Why?

If the adjustment was made in the City Ledger then it will not flow through to OA. The adjustment must be then made directly in OA by going to Revenue & Occupancy section of OA, viewing the Unit and using the Edit button to make the proper adjustments.

Why are the Owners are unable to view Statements Online?

If owner viewing was not enabled then Owners will be unable to view their statements online. Go to Statements > Enable Owner Viewing and select the type Open Selected Month. Select the proper month and click on the Send button to open Statements for viewing.

How do I make an Inactive Unit active again?

Go to Configuration Settings > Units and select the Show Inactive Units link in the top right hand corner of the screen. Locate the Unit you wish to make active again and select the Restore link beside that Unit. The Unit will now be active.

Is it possible to hold over the balance on just a few selected Units?

Yes, by going to Configuration Settings > Units and selecting the View button next to the desired Unit. Next, select View next to the Owner name. Select the Edit button at the top of the screen and enter a Min Cheque Amount specifically for this owner.

How far in advance can an Owner make a booking online?

An Owner can make a booking as far into the future as you have rates setup in the PMS for your Owner & Owner Guest Client Types.

I deleted a Housekeeping Fee but it keeps reappearing on my Owner Statement. Why?

If the Housekeeping Fee was setup as an Occupancy Fee on the Unit then when you Calculate your statements, if you do not uncheck the Occupancy Fees checkbox, it will re-appear on the Owner Statement. To prevent this from happening, make sure you uncheck the Occupancy Fees box before calculating your statements.

I have an Owner that is not receiving the email notification that their Statements are available for viewing.

If an Owner is not receiving their email notification that their Statements are available check the following:

  • Make sure the email is correctly entered into Configuration Settings > Owners in OA
  • Ask the owner to check their junk mail & spam for the emails. If the emails are in their junk mail or spam, they should move them to a safe list
  • The email could be blocked by the owners email service provider. The reason for this is that the email is sent via RoomKeyPMS, but has your Property name on it so, email providers might see the email coming through from RoomKeyPMS, but with a different “from name”. This can sometimes trigger the email service provider to flag the message as Junk/Spam.  Have your owner contact their email provider so that these emails can be filtered into their inbox.

How does OA know if a stay at the property was a Guest Stay, Owner Stay, or Owner Guest Stay?

OA pulls this information based on the Client Type that was selected for the booking in the PMS. Client Types have specific functions assigned to them.

  • If the Client Type has a function of Owner then the booking comes through as Owner.
  • If the Client Type has a function of Owner Guest then the booking comes through as Owner Guest.
  • If the Client Type has a function of Independent, Corporate or Group then it will come through as a Guest Stay.

Some Room Revenue is not being distributed among pool. Why?

If the Room Revenue belongs to an Owner, or Owner Guest stay, it will not be distributed among the pool. If you want the Room Revenue to be distributed, you must change the reservation to a Guest stay.

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