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How to View, Change & Delete Imported Revenue

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To view the daily breakdown of guests that stayed each day in a unit, and how much revenue was produced per day, go to the Revenue & Occupancy section in OA. Next, select the View button next to the unit number whose revenue you wish to view.

The total revenue produced by the unit can be viewed at the top of the screen.

The screen also displays a daily breakdown of the Revenue that was imported from the PMS. Each day shows:

  • The corresponding PMS Res ID for the guest
  • the Guest Name
  • the Status of the reservation
    • Owner – means the owner stayed in the room
    • Owner Guest – means a guest of the owner stayed in the room
    • Vacant – means no guest stayed in the room
    • Guest – means a normal paying guest stayed in the room
    • Closed – means the room was closed for maintenance
      (To learn more about how the Status of a reservation can affect pooling, please see the Pooling Revenue article in the Owner's Accounting manual)
  • the revenue produced that day

If necessary, the Revenue information for a unit can be edited by selecting the Edit button at the top of the screen.

Continue to make any necessary changes.

NOTE: If the Guest Name & Revenue from this area needs to be erased, be sure to change the Status of the room appropriately. For example, if the room was actually vacant, then the status of the room needs to be switched to Vacant.

Click the Save button at the top of the screen to save any changes.

To delete the Revenue for a specific day, select the Delete button to the right of the screen.

The reservation information will highlight in RED to indicate that it has been deleted.

If an error was made in either changing, or deleting information from a unit, use the Restore button to restore the original revenue information.

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