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The following article reviews the reports that can be accessed in the Reports Menu of Owner's Accounting.

Reports Menu

Click on Reports in the menu.

Property Statement

This report shows all expenses, taxes and payments grouped together for all units. Each area is broken down into Transaction Codes.

Unit Summary

A summarized view of the owner statements.

Owner Statement

All the individual owner statements can be viewed here. They may also all be printed from here.

Owner Statement Summary for Owners with Multiple Units

If the property has Owners who own Multiple Units, a list of those owners will appear. To print a Summary Statement for an Owner, select the Print Statement link to the right of the screen. Below we see the Darren Elmore owns 2 Units.

The Units Mr. Elmore owns are Units 106 and 314. Below are the individual Statements for Units 106 and 314. If two Statements are added together, they totale the Owner Summary Statement located on Page 3.

Transaction Posting Detail

This report shows a list of all the transactions posted (expenses and payments) and their details on one report.

Transaction Posting Summary

This report shows a list of all the transactions posted (expenses and payments) without the detail for each unit.

Owner Occupied Units

This report show a grid of all the units, and when the owner occupied them.

Revenue & Occupancy

The summary of the revenue and occupancy of each individual unit.

Unit Revenue Summary

Shows the revenue made on each individual unit broken down by days of the week and totaled at the end.

Owner Unit Listing

A listing of all the details you entered into each owners unit (ie: Address, Management Fees, Occupancy Fees, Recurring Fees, etc…)

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