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Calculating Statements & Enabling Owner Viewing

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To calculate owner statements, proceed to Statements > Calculate Statements.

Note that a Calculate Statements button appears. Above that button are a selection of fees that may be calculated along with the statements. Ensure these boxes are selected if the Management, Recurring and Occupancy fees are to be calculated automatically into the statements.

Click the Calculate Statements button to proceed.

NOTE: If any of the above fees (Management, Recurring or Occupancy) should not be calculated, remove the check-mark next to the appropriate box.

A message will appear confirming the choise to Calculate the Statements for the identified month. Select Yes to proceed.

Once statements have been calculated a Statement List will appear.

Use the View button to view the statement for an individual unit.

Below is a breakdown of Mr. Jones’ Owner Statement based on the Revenue he made, and the Expenses he incurred for the month of February. The Print Owner Statement link in the top right of the screen may be selected to view the Statement in the format as it appears to an owner.

This is how the Owner Statement appears to the Owner.

Once all the statements have been finalized for each unit, it is possible to make them available to the owners to view online by selecting Enable Owner Viewing.  NOTE: For properties that choose to continue to mail out Monthly Statements instead of allowing Owners to view them online, then do not Enable Owner Viewing.

Enable Owner Viewing - To send an email to the Owners letting them know that their statements are ready instead of mailing them, proceed to Statements > Enable Owner Viewing.

There are three different options on the Type of viewing can be enabled. Using the pull down menu next to Type, select one of the following:

  • Send Email & Open Selected Month – Gives the option to open a selected month for the owners to view online, as well as sends a notification email advising them the statements are ready
  • Send Email – This option will sends an email to the owners to notify them that their statements are available for viewing (Note: always ensure that the statements are OPEN prior to sending this email)
  • Open Selected Month – This option opens the selected month without sending an email to owners

Once the correct Type has been selected, choose the month to open. It is possible to customize the email subject line here as well.

NOTE: There is a check-box in the top right that tells OA to send the email to All Units and All Owners.

To select which Units & which Owners receive an email, un-check the box next to Sent to All Units/Owners and then down below the email note, place a check-mark next to the specific Units (you can also select a specific Owner) that you wish to send an email notification too.

When ready, select the Send button below to either Send Email & Open Selected Month, Open Selected Month Only or Send Email Only.

If the email option was selected, the Owner will receive an email notifying them that their statements are available for viewing online.

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