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Adding Units

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The following article explains how to create Units in OA. Units are imported directly from the PMS into OA, and cannot be manually added.

Adding (Importing) a Unit

Go to Configuration Settings > Units.

Adding (Importing) a Unit

A list of all the room numbers that are currently in the PMS will appear.

Select the Get New Rooms button in the middle of the screen to import any new rooms that may have been added to to the PMS. NOTE: OA will only import Room Numbers that are active in the PMS, and will not import inactive Room Numbers.

If there are no new Units to add, the following message will appear.

Modifying a Unit

Units in OA cannot be modified, only added or removed.

Deleting (Inactivating) a Unit

Units are not really deleted from OA, but rather made Inactive. A Unit can be made inactive by using the Remove link at the far right side of the screen.

Deleting (Inactivating) a Unit

Reactivating an Inactive Unit

Once a Unit is inactive, it will no longer appear on your Unit List, and the Owner that is attached to the Unit will no longer receive a statement. For further information on attaching Owners to Units, please see the article Attaching Owner to a Unit in the Owner's Accounting manual.

To make a Unit active again, click on the Show Inactive Units link in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Reactivating an Inactive Unit

Next, click on the Restore link next to the Unit that to me made active again.

The unit will now reappear on the Active Units list in OA.

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