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Importing Revenue for Monthly Statements

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The following article reviews how to import revenue from the PMS into the Owener's Accounting module, to prepare the monthly statements for the owners.

How to Import Revenue

The first step of running your monthly statements is to import the month’s Room Revenue into OA via one of the following options:

  1. Room Revenue & Occupancy Information from the PMS
    • Option 1 is the most common OA import and will be reviewed in this document. It includes both Room Revenue & Occupancy Information.
  2. Occupancy Information only from the PMS (no room revenue)
    • If Option 2 is selected (this would have been configured in the “Settings” area under the Configuration Settings menu) then the steps for importing Occupancy Information will be the same as Option 1.
  3. An import from another system is used (format will require approval by a RoomKeyPMS Software Engineer, please contact the PMS Support Line for assistance with this)
    • If Option 3 was selected then a member of the Support Team will review the necessary steps based on the import used.

Proceed to Revenue & Occupancy > Revenue Import.

How to Import Revenue

Use the pull down menu to select the month that you will be working on (ie: if today is March 3rd, then you will be working on the statements for the month of February).

Once the correct month is selected, click on the Import Revenue button.

NOTE: Revenue may be imported more then once if necessary.

After Revenue is import the following screen will appear, this screen outlines:

  • each of the Unit #’s
  • how many days the room was Vacant
  • how many days a “Guest” occupied the room
  • how many days an “Owner” occupied the room
  • how many days a “Guest of Owner” occupied the room
  • how many days the room was “Closed” (ie: on maintenance)
  • Total Days for the month
  • Revenue produced for the month

The total revenue produced by all Units will appear at the top of the screen.

Comparing OA Revenue to PMS Revenue

You can run the OA Reconciliation Report in the PMS and compare the report with your totals showing in OA. Run the report for the entire month that you are working on.

Comparing OA Revenue to PMS Revenue

The totals appearing on the OA Reconciliation Report should match your totals showing in OA (Revenue & Occupancy for the same month).

If the Total Revenue on both reports does not match, review the Revenue for each Unit to determine where the discrepancy is located. See the article How to View, Change & Delete Imported Revenue if changes need to be made in OA.

Reasons the OA Reconciliation Report may differ from the Revenue that was imported into OA:

  • Revenue in OA was imported before the end of the month. If revenue is imported on or before the last day of the month, there is a risk of not importing the correct revenue information from the PMS. Revenue should never be imported until after midnight on the 1st day of the next month.
  • A room may be Inactive in OA, but Active in the PMS
  • A room does not exist in OA yet because the Get New Rooms button under Configuration Settings > Units was not selected
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