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How to Sell a Unit (ie: Change Owners)

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Selling the Unit

To sell a unit in Owner Accounting go to Configuration Settings > Units.

Selling the Unit

Next, select the View button next to the unit to be sold. In this example we will be selling Unit 205.

Select the “Sell Unit” button next to the current owner’s name.

Selecting a New Owner

First select the new owner by clicking on the Select Owner and selecting the new owner name from the list. NOTE: If the new owner's name is not in the list be sure to enter the owner details by going to Configuration Settings > Owners.

Selecting a New Owner

After the new owner has been selected, select the Start Date for this owner to take over the unit.

NOTE: The selected start date cannot be prior to the start of the current statement month OR prior to the start date of the current owner otherwise the following error message will appear:

New Owner Settings

Next you will select your settings for this new owner. Select the following for the new owner:

  • Tax Expenses?
  • Withholding Tax?
  • Collect Tax?
  • Min. Cheque Amount (if necessary)
New Owner Settings

The Current Owner for Unit 105 has now been updated to Mr. Alexander Keith.

Once the new owner is in place ensure to make any necessary changes in regards to Management, Recurring & Occupancy Fees. To learn more about how to setup Management, Recurring or Occupancy Fees please see the article Attaching an Owner to a Unit in the Owner's Accounting manual.

We can now see all the previous owners for this unit at the bottom of the Unit Detail page.

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