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Attaching a Guest Service to a Client Type


Guest Services can be attached to Client Types, so whenever a reservation is made for a certain Client Type, the Guest Service will automatically be added to the reservation. The following article explains how to attach a Guest Service to a Client Type.

This feature allows a Guest services to be attached to a Client Type, so that certain charges are posted automatically on a certain client type, without having to manually post the same charge on every reservation.  NOTE: This feature will not work on the "Web/Online Booking" Client Type for the eRes Mobile Booking Engine.

In the following example, a Resort Fee will be added to the Leisure Client Type.

Go to System Configuration > Client Types

  • Select the Client Type from the list (ensure black arrow is pointing toward it)
  • Proceed to the Services tab
  • Select the Guest Service from the list of Available Services on the right
  • Click the arrow button to move it to the list of Attached Services on the left
  • Click Post to save

Viewing the Service on a Reservation

Now that the Resort Fee Guest Service has been attached to the Leisure Client Type, when a reservation is made using that Client Type, the Resort Fee will automatically append itself. To see this, proceed to the Services tab of a new reservation.

Viewing the Service on a Reservation
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