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Access to the Packages & Inclusions module of the PMS can be controlled both at the Property level, and Owner level.

Packages & Inclusions Property Permission

To turn the Packages & Inclusions module on or off for everyone in the PMS, proceed to System Configuration > Property > Permissions tab.

To enable Packages & Inclusions for the property, ensure the permission 895, Packages & Inclusions is added to the Selected list on the left side. To disable it, move it to the Available list on the right. Click Post to save changes.

Packages & Inclusions Property Permission

Packages & Inclusions Owner Permission

Proceed to System Configuration > Clerks > Permissions tab.

Access to the Packages & Inclusions module can be restricted with the permission 895, Packages & Inclusions, for the Owner (Administrator) role only.  It is not available to anyone in the Clerk or Accountant roles.

When the permission is Given, the user will have access to the Packages & Inclusions module. When it is Taken, the user will not have access.

Packages & Inclusions Owner Permission
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