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Overview of Packages in the PMS


The following article reviews the 3 types of Packages that can be created in the PMS, and what situations each is best used for.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Packages can be sold through direct bookings with the hotel, via the eRes Booking Engine, or via Vertical Booking CRS/GDS. They are NOT compatible with any other 3rd-party booking channels such as OTA QuickConnects, Channel Managers, or other CRS/GDS services. However, it is possible to import reservations as a package, for more information please contact RoomkeyPMS support

“Package” Packages

  • This type of package is fixed for a set number of nights (1 night, 2 nights or 3 nights, etc…)
  • The package appears as a rate when booking, and must be attached to a Client Type
  • On the Guest's folio, the package posts the entire cost of package all on the first night, all as one line item. On the back-end, the Room & Tax will post nightly, however on the folio it will appear as if all charges posted on the first night.
  • Can be booked online (via eRes Mobile only)
  • This type of package is best for packages intended to be for a fixed number of nights only (for example: a 2 Night Romance Package, and in order to book this package a guest has to stay 2 nights)

“Inclusion” Packages

  • This type of package is a daily package. All components repeatedly post each day, therefore the rate is consistent. There is no limit to how many nights a guest can book this package.
  • The packages consists of the same components each day
  • Posts room & tax one night at a time
  • Can be booked online (via eRes Mobile only)
  • This type of package is good for packages like a Breakfast Package, where Room & Tax plus a fixed price Breakfast is included each day of the stay, whether it be for 1 night, or 1 week.

“Dynamic” Packages

  • Called “Packages on the Fly” because they allow the components of the package to fluctuate based on the guests demand
  • Package is manually built ad-hoc using Guest Services
  • Can post room & tax both one night at a time, or all on first night (allows choice of either "Inclusion" or "Package" style posting)
  • Cannot be booked online - must be booked directly with the hotel as a reservations agent will need to manually build the package at the time of reservation
  • This type of package is useful in offering more control over packages. For example, if one package offering is a Ski & Stay Package with breakfast, but a guest calls and says they would rather not have breakfast included, this type of package allows the breakfast component to be omitted, charging just for skiing and the room
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