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"Dynamic" Packages - Method 1


The following article reviews how to create "Dynamic" Packages. "Dynamic" Packages offer more flexibility, but put more onus on the Reservations and Front Desk Clerks as the package must be manually constructed each time a reservation is made. These packages do not have to be booked for a set amount of days (as in "Package" Packages) and the services attached do not have to be applied for every day of the stay (as in "Inclusion" Packages).

The Two Types of Dynamic Packages

The first method allows a selection of specific Guest Services that will always be attached to the package, and allows configuration of how often a guest is charged for a specific Guest Service. For Example, an offer can be made for a Bed & Breakfast Dynamic Package for guests that wish to be on a Bed & Breakfast package for the first two days of their stay, but do not wish to have breakfast included on the last two days of their stay.

The second method of Dynamic Packages (also known as Packages on the Fly) allows a variety of different components to be added as part of a package. For Example, a property may offer a Ski & Stay Package that has various different rates for skiing depending on how many nights the guests wish to ski. Instead of creating a variety of Ski Packages, create Guest Services for each of the different ski options (ie: 2 day midweek, 2 day weekend, 3 day midweek, etc…), then attach the guest service that is needed at the time of booking. So, one guest may book a 2 night ski package (ski tickets are $50 each when staying for 2 nights) with breakfast, and another may book a 3 night ski package (ski tickets are $40 each when staying for 3 nights) but without breakfast.

Before beginning the process of creating Dynamic Packages, ensure the required Guest Services are created. If unsure how to create Guest Services please review the article How to create a Guest Service in the System Configuration manual.

NOTE: When creating a Dynamic Package there is no room for error. Once a Dynamic Package is created it cannot be deleted or altered within the PMS.

Method One - Dynamic Package

When building a Dynamic Package, it is done by making a "test" reservation for 1 night only.  This reservation is only to be used for the initial setup of the package, and can be cancelled after the package has been completed, and the rates have been confirmed as correct on the confirmation form.

Dynamic Packages are created by making a new Reservation.  Click on New Res.

Method One - Dynamic Package

Make a New Reservation

Make the reservation for 1 night only, on the Client Type that the package is to be booked on. Client Types with Independent functions work best for this, so Leisure is the one being used in this example.

Choose the desired Rate Plan for the base of the package. It is possible to use one rate plan for all packages, or a specific Rate Plan can be created for each package.

Make a New Reservation

Use a Test Profile

Proceed to the Guest Info tab and use a Test profile for this reservation.

Use a Test Profile

Add Guest Services

Proceed to the Guest Services tab. This is where the components of the package will be added to create the final product.

Using the Style drop down menu, select either Inclusion or Package. It does not matter at this point in time which one is selected, as it will not affect future bookings on the package. Style simply refers to the posting style to be used on the package when it is checked in. Will the package post as an "Inclusion" style where charges are repeated nightly, or will it post as a "Package" style, with all charges appearing on the first night on the Guest's folio?

At this time, selecting one style or the other is simply indicating to the PMS that a package is being booked, and that any selected Guest Services should be posted along with the rate, as a single package line item.

Add Guest Services
  • The next step is to enter a TCode and Description for the package. As with regular "Inclusion" and "Package" packages, this TCode must be unique in the PMS.
  • Select the Guest Service(s) from the list on the right, and move them to the list on the left using the black arrow
  • Once the desired Guest Services have been added, place a check in the box to the left.
  • Click OK to complete the booking

NOTE: Once this package is created it cannot be altered or deleted. Ensure proper spelling & components before hitting OK.

Restart the PMS

Before doing anything else, close out of the PMS completely, and log in again. This will upload the package to the server so that it can be booked in the future.

Restart the PMS

Check the Confirmation

Locate the reservation and print the confirmation page. Check to ensure the reservation is booked on the package, and that the rate is correct.

Check the Confirmation

Booking a Dynamic Package

To book a reservation on the Dynamic Package, follow normal booking procedures, however, this time on the Services tab, select either Package or Inclusion as the Style, and use the pull down menu to find the TCode for the package.

The Guest Services that were attached when the package was built should now be automatically selected in the Guest Services list.

Booking a Dynamic Package

Use the black arrow to add them to the booking. Notice that the check marks are already in place.

As with any Guest Services on a reservation, there is the ability to customize when, and how often they post. In the example below, only one guest will golf, and only on the 1st and second day, but both guests will have breakfast each day. Now this package has been customized for this reservation, based on what the guests would like to do.

Click OK to complete the booking.

A few things to note about Dynamic Packages

  • When setting up guest services make sure to pay attention to how the guest services charge. Will the charge be per person or per room, will the charge be daily or per stay. All these factors will have an effect on how the Guest Services charge in the package.
  • The difference between the “Style” of a package. A package style will show the cost of the package as one lump sum charge on the first night of the Guest Folio while an inclusion style will show the cost of the package broken down night by night on the guest folio.
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