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Attaching a Guest Service to a Transaction Code


Guest Services can be selected and added to reservations manually, or they can be attached to transaction codes (such as a Room Charge) so that they post automatically each time the transaction code is posted. The following article explains how to attach a Guest Service to a Transaction Code.

To attach a Guest Service to a transaction code, open the Transaction Codes module under System Configuration > Transaction Codes.  Proceed to the Services tab, and click Add.

In the following example, a Resort Fee Guest Service will be attached to the Room Charge transaction code, so that the Resort Fee will post daily, along with the Room Charge.

Filling the following:

  • Segment - Used to define when the Guest Service posts for the first time.  In this example, the Resort Fee is a Daily Service, therefore the Segment#1 represents "Day 1". If it were a Weekly Service, Segment#1 would represent "Week 1", and in the case of Monthly Services, it would represent "Month 1"
  • Service Groupings - This can be used to filter the Guest Services list to those applicable to the selected Service Grouping
  • Guest Service - Choose the desired Guest Service to attach. If using the Service Groupings option above, the list here would be filtered to only services within that grouping

Once done, click OK.

Creating a New Reservation

Once a Guest Service has been attached to a Transaction Code such as Room Charge, whenever Room Charge is being used on a reservation, the Guest Service will automatically append itself to the reservation.  In the below example it is being attached to a 3 night reservation.

Creating a New Reservation

The Guest Service will post each time the RCH Room Charge Transaction Code posts, throughout the Guest's stay.

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