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Copying a Guest Service within a Chain (Chained properties only)


When multiple properties are connected together as a chain, it is possible to copy existing Guest Services from one property to another. The function of copying across the chain is helpful in improving consistency and standards across the chain. If each property within the chain is using similar functionality, then the reports that are run at the head office will have the same meaning for property comparisons.

Copy Service

TIP: Before copying Transaction Based Guest Services, be sure the corresponding Transaction Code is properly set up in the property being copied to. Additionally, ensure that code has been mapped to the correct GL Account. This ensures a more seamless copy of the Guest Service and it's functionality.

Go to System Configuration > Guest Services, and Right Click on the service to be copied

Copy Service

Choose Property to Past Service

A box will open up with a drop-down list of all properties in the chain. Choose the desired property the service is to be copied to, and click OK.

The Guest Service will now appear in the other property, as a separate instance. Changes made to the Guest Service in one property will not affect the other.

Choose Property to Past Service
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