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The RoomKeyPMS Mobile feature enables properties to integrate a physically distanced arrival and departure process for their guests.

This is an add-on feature to RoomKeyPMS. Please contact us if you are interested in Mobile Check-In/Out.

Note: This feature is only available on versions of RoomKeyPMS or later.

Guest Pre-Arrival Workflow

Guests will receive a link from the property prior to arrival to complete the registration process. Each property will have customized landing page according to their branding standards. The color of the top bar and logo can be customized directly within RoomKeyPMS. However, the overall layout of the landing page will be similar for all properties.

Any details attached to the guest reservation will appear on the next screen. The guest can input any missing data or make any corrections necessary. If there is a correction made to either the first name or last name of the guest, a new profile will be created in RoomKeyPMS. Otherwise, any other fields that are added or modified will be updated to the current guest profile attached to the reservation.

There are additional fields properties may choose to include as part of this process such as loyalty number, marketing opt-in, or vehicle information. These fields will also update to the current guest profile attached to the reservation. The guest can proceed to the next page by selecting Next.

The next screen allows the guest to review their reservation details that the property has on file. The standard information will include the arrival date, departure date, room type, number of adults and children. and an overview of their room charge summary.

An additional option properties can customize is to display the daily rate breakdown. Before the guest can proceed to the next page, each guest must accept the Terms and Conditions. This can either be done by selecting the tick box or selecting Terms and Conditions.

After selecting either option, an overlay window will appear displaying the Terms and Conditions. The text displayed can be fully customized by the property or can pull the default Reg Card note in RoomKeyPMS. The guest will be required to sign using the touch screen on a mobile device to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions. Once the guest has signed, they can select Accept to proceed or Clear to re-input their signature. The window will automatically close once the signature is accepted.

Once the guest has reviewed and acknowledged the Terms and Conditions, the tick box will be marked as checked. The guest is now able to proceed to the next page by selecting Next. If there are any discrepancies with the reservation details, properties can choose to include a customized footer at the bottom of the screen with instructions on how to contact the property.

The next page allows the guest to add their credit card information or indicate if they will be providing an alternative form of payment.

Clicking "Add Credit Card for Payment" opens a secure box for the guest to enter details.

Once the payment information is complete, the guest will be asked to provide identification in the form of a picture of the ID and a picture of themselves. They can opt to instead provide ID at the front desk.

The next page will provide the guest the opportunity enter the expected arrival time to the hotel - below this field the check-in time is stated as configured by the property. In addition, the guest can advise the property of any requests or comments. This information will add a reservation note in RoomKeyPMS and trigger a notification to the property via a task in the Message Centre. The guest can complete their pre-arrival process by selecting Complete.

The guest will receive a final landing page to advise that the pre-arrival process has successfully been completed. Properties have the ability to customize a note advising guests of any hotel arrival instructions.

Immediate Updates in RoomKeyPMS

All modifications to reservation details will be updated immediately in RoomKeyPMS. If the reservation is currently open, any pertinent information will update as soon as the screen is refreshed. All clerks attached to the Mobile Notifications Department in the Clerks module will receive a notification via a task in the Message Centre that a mobile check-in has been completed along with any new or updated information.

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