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How to Customize the Mobile Theme

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The Mobile Theme module allows hotels to customize the logo and branding that appear in the Mobile Check-In and Check-Out Emails, Guest Portal, and Mobile Check-In, Check-Out and Folio Forms.

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How to Access Mobile Theme
  1. In the System Configuration menu, select Mobile
  2. In the Mobile module, select the Theme tab
How to Customize Mobile Theme Settings

In the Mobile Module, within the Theme tab:

  1. Select the Modify button
  2. Select the Load Logo button; a file manager window will appear and allow you Select and Open your preferred logo file
  3. The following settings are optional:
    • Use the Property Name field to enter the name of your hotel, if it does not appear in hotel logo
    • Select the Border Color button to select your preferred brand color
  4. Select the Save button
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