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Mobile Check-out Notifications


When a guests completed the check-in process through RoomKeyPMS Mobile Check-Out, a notification will be sent to all clerks assigned to the Mobile Notifications group via a task in the Message Centre.

Mobile Check-Out Notifications

When a guest completes the mobile check-out process on the web portal, a notification is sent immediately to all clerks set to receive these messages.

Navigate to the My Tasks tab to preview the notification. Clicking on it opens up the details, indicating that the guest completed the process, agreed to use the method of payment on file, as well as provided an email address to receive the final folio.

Hotel staff can acknowledge the check-out completion, action any comments by adding a tick box to Set Task to Complete? and add any additional notes before selecting Close.

All details updated on the check-out portal will immediately be updated in RoomKeyPMS and the Mobile Check-out icon will appear next to the reservation.

Accessing the Digital Signature

Double-clicking on the Mobile Check-Out icon gives you access to the guest's digital signature in the form of a completed folio, which has already been emailed to the guest.

Completing the Check-Out

Once the guest has completed their part, the front desk must still go to the guest folio and complete the check-out process.

Accessing Email Logs

All details about a guest's mobile check in and check out activity can be accessed by navigating to Reports and selecting Email Logs. This provides a detailed list of emails sent as well as any guest actions regarding the check in and out.

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