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Mobile Check-in Notifications


When a guests completed the check-in process through RoomKeyPMS Mobile Check-In, a notification will be sent to all clerks assigned to the Mobile Notifications group via a task in the Message Centre.

Click here to see an example of a Mobile Check-in from a guest's perspective.

Mobile Check-in Notifications

When a guest completes the mobile check-in process on the web portal, a pre-arrival notification is sent immediately to all clerks set to receive these messages. A message notification will appear at the top of the screen to advise that there are unread messages. Recipients can click on the header to view messages.

Navigate to the My Tasks tab to preview notifications. Based on the example workflow outlined at the beginning of this document, there are two new tasks:

The first notification outlines that the guest has completed the Mobile Check-in process. A date and time stamp will be noted on the task of when this was completed along with any requests or comments made by the guest.

Hotel staff can acknowledge the pre-arrival check-in completion, action any requests/comments by adding a tick box to Set Task as Complete? and add any additional notes before selecting Close.

Completed tasks will be identified with a green tick box on the left hand side.

The second notification will provide details on any changes made by the guest. All changes will immediately update the current guest profile in RoomKeyPMS.

Note: if the guest updates either the first or last name fields, a new guest profile will be created.

The following is an example displaying all tasks marked as completed.

All guest profile and reservation details updated on the mobile check-in guest portal will immediately be updated in RoomKeyPMS when the screen is refreshed, and "Mobile Check-in" icon will appear next to the reservation.

Accessing the Digital Signature

Double-clicking on the mobile check-in icon gives you access to the guest's digital signature in the form of a completed registration card. This document contains the guest signature, as well as an IP address to ensure you have all necessary details in case of a charge back request.

You can also access this form as well as generate any mobile check-in/out links by right clicking the reservation.

Printing All Mobile Check-In Forms

To access all the Mobile Check-In forms and print together, navigate to Reports > Reservations > Print Mobile Check-In Form, select the relevant date range, and click Ok.

Accessing the Guest Identification

For guests who have provided a picture of their ID during the Mobile Check-In process, it can be accessed by clicking on the camera icon on the reservation details.

Reservation Notes

Any details entered by the guest during the mobile check-in will automatically be populated under Reservation Note on the guest's booking.

Arrival Guest / Reservation Notes Report

For properties that generate guest arrival reports, the Arrival Guest/Reservation Notes report will display any added requests and comments.

This report can be generated by accessing Reports > Reservations > Print Guest Notes > by Arrival Date > select date range > Ok.

Reservations notes for all arriving guests will appear on this report identifying the date and time the pre-arrival check-in was completed along with any requests and comments.

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