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How to Customize the Notifications Group


When guests complete the mobile check-in and check-out process, all clerks attached to the Mobile Notifications group will receive a notification via the RoomKeyPMS Message Centre. As a default, all clerks are pre-assigned to the Mobile Notifications group, however this group can be customized to determine which clerks will receive these notifications.

To customize the Mobile Notifications group access the Clerks module located from the System Configuration drop down menu.

Once the Clerks module window appears, navigate to the Departments tab, and select Mobile Notifications from the drop down menu. A list of all the clerks assigned to this group will appear on the left hand side column. To remove a clerk from this group, select the name of the clerk to be removed then select the > arrow to remove. The clerk name will disappear from the left hand side column. Repeat this step for any additional clerks to be removed.

Select Ok to save all changes.

All clerks listed on the left hand side column under the Mobile Notifications group will receive all Mobile Check-In and Check-out notifications.

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