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How to Enable Mobile Permissions

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RoomKeyPMS Mobile Check-In and Check-Out enables properties to integrate a physically distanced arrival and departure process for their guests.

Please note, this is an add-on feature to RoomKeyPMS. To learn more and add it to your hotel, please contact us directly.

To be granted access to the Mobile Module, the 2310, Mobile permission needs to be given to all key operators. It is disabled by default for any new Clerk and must be manually enabled.

To enable the permission follow the steps below:

Access System Configuration and select Clerks

Find the name of the key operator and navigate to the Permissions tab.

The Mobile permission is under System Configuration on the right side of the screen. Once you have located the permission, click on Give to move it to the left.

Select Post to save all changes.

You may have to log out of RoomKeyPMS and log back in to see Mobile enabled under System Configuration.

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