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How to Run the Cancelled Groups Report

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The PMS has the ability to report on potential revenue that was lost from the cancellation of a group.  

Report Overview

Operations > Groups > Reports > Cancelled Groups

This report will ask for a date range to be selected and the date range is based on the Group Dates, not based on the cancellation date.

NOTE: The results will display the total amounts for the group. For example, if the group was arriving on September 30 for three nights, and the report was run from Oct 1 to Oct 31, this group would still display with total Room Nights and Revenue, including the data from September 30th.

Cancelled Groups Report Grayed Out

Please note that this feature is only available to groups that are cancelled after October 7th, 2015; once a group is cancelled after this date, the report will be activated:

Cancelled Groups Report Grayed Out

Report Fields

Report Fields
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