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How to Create a Group Reservation using the Group Rooming List


The following article explains how to use the Rooming List section of the Group Wizard to create reservations

Many times a group will provide you with a list of all the guests that will require reservations. Instead of entering the reservations one at a time using “New Res”, you can enter them all at once using the Rooming List tab located within the Group Wizard.

Go to Operations > Groups to open the Group Master.

Locate the group you have the Rooming List for (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the group name) and select the Open button to open the Group Wizard.

5. Rooming List

Proceed to the Rooming List tab of the Group Wizard.

NOTE: A rooming list may be entered at the same time the group is being created, however once the rates and block are set for the group, you will need to close the Group Wizard and re-open it again before proceeding with entering the Rooming List, in order for the rates to properly load.

5. Rooming List

The rooming list section shows all of the rooms that are blocked for a group.

To enter a guest name into the Rooming List area, click on the First Name field and enter the guests first name and then click (or tab) to the Last Name field and enter the guest’s last name.


After the first & last name are entered the arrival date, nights, adults, children and rate will automatically populate. If any of these fields need to be adjusted, simply click on the field. A drop down menu will appear for the arrival date & rate, while arrows will appear allowing you to increase or decrease the number of nights, adults or children in the room.

The last 3 columns located in the Rooming List Section are Routed, Guest Services (G. Srv) and Folio Number (F. No).

  • Routed – the routed field is associated with groups that have billing to a House Account. When group has billing set up to go to a House Account this box will be CHECKED to indicate that the reservation’s charges will be “routed” to the house account upon check-out. If you do not want a reservation to have its charges routed to the house account upon check-out, then you would simply un-check this box and hit POST.
  • Guest Services (G. Srv) – if this box is checked then the guest reservation will include the guest services selected under the “Guest Services” section. This must be checked at the time of entering the name into the Rooming List. To add or delete guest services AFTER a reservation is created, right click on the reservation and select the “Update Guest Services” option which would allow us to add or delete guest services from within the Group Wizard.
  • Folio Number (F. No) – the folio number indicated here will be the same folio number selected under the “Contacts & Billing Info Tab”. Typically when billing is set to go to a House Account or a City Account then the folio will automatically populate with “8”. If there are some reservations that will be responsible for their own charges then you may change the “8”  to a “1” to indicate that all charges are to the individual.

Once all the names have been entered into the Rooming List with all the appropriate information, click the Post button. Once clicked, the guest reservations will be created according to the information entered.

NOTE: When looking at the Res ID column, if there is Res ID number present, it indicates an existing reservation for this group. Reservations that are in the process of being entered will display "New" under the Res ID column, until the Post button is clicked to save them.

Once the reservations are created, their Res ID numbers will appear in the Res ID column.

Copy & Past Method

TIP: Another option when entering a Rooming List is to create all the reservations under the same name, which could then be changed out to the actual guest name at a later date. To simplify this process, we can use the "Copy & Paste" function.

First, enter the name that is to appear on all the reservations (do not hit Post at this time). Next, highlight the first name, right click and select "Copy".

Copy & Past Method

Click on the next empty cell under First Name, right click and select "Paste all".

The entire Rooming List will now be populated with the exact same guest reservation details for each room. The Arrival Date, Nights, Adults, Children & Rate may be altered at this time.

Click Post to save changes and create the reservations.


After a reservation is created, if you need to add a Guest Share Name to a reservation, you can double click on the corresponding empty box under the Share column (this column is identified by a two head icon).

  1. Double click the box under the Share column to open the Shares box
  2. Select the "Ins" (insert) button to add a Share Name

Proceed to enter the Share information:

  • First Name/Last Name - enter the first/last name of the guest share
  • Use Folio - check this box if you wish for the share guest to have their own Folio # for charges
  • Store Profile - check this box if you wish to store a Guest Profile for the Guest Share (You can also use this option to search for an existing profile)
  • Split Room Charges Equally - check this box if you wish for Room Charges to be split equally among all Guest Shares upon check-out.

Select Post to save changes.

After a share has been added to a reservation - a two head icon will appear under the Share column to show that this reservation has a Guest Share.

Other Rooming List Functions

Other functions within the Rooming List section are:

  • Assign All Rooms – pressing this button will automatically assign room numbers to the reservations found in the Rooming List. You can also manually choose room numbers or change the auto assigned room numbers by using the drop-down list in the Room # column.
  • Change Res - button allows us to change the details of the selected reservation within the Rooming List. Clicking this button will open the Modify Reservation Screen. (This feature can also be accessed by right clicking on a name in the Rooming List and selecting Change)
  • Add Note – allows you to add Reservation Notes to a reservation found in the rooming list. NOTE: In the bottom left hand corner of the notes box you have the option to check the "Copy to all reservations" box, which will copy the note to all reservations within the Rooming List.
Other Rooming List Functions
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