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The following article reviews a list of the reports that can be found in the Groups module of the PMS.

Group List

Operations > Groups > Reports > Group List

This report produces a listing of the room types & revenue produced by a selected group and only includes Groups which have rooms in block which have reservations created. This report is intended to review future group information and is not to be used for past dates.

Group Arrivals Listing

Operations > Groups > Reports > Group Arrivals Listing

This report prints an arrivals list for a specified group and is sorted by Res ID number.

Group Departures Listing

Operations > Groups > Reports > Group Departures Listing

This report is a listing of all the checkouts for a specific group on a departure date.

Group Details

Operations > Groups > Reports > Group Details

  • The Group Detail report can also be accessed by selecting the Group Detail button within the Group Master.
  • This Report shows a list of reservations currently made with a selected group. This report is sorted by ResID, however, this report may be saved as a CSV file which and be opened in Excel. Once opened in Excel this report may be manipulated to sort by name or room number.
  • This report can be used to produce a rooming list for a Group Coordinator (by saving this report as a CSV file, it can then be opened in excel and sorted by room number or guest name).
Group Details

Group Pickup Report

Operations > Groups > Reports > Group Pickup Report

This report shows all groups within a two week period of a selected date and details their rooms in block and picked-up rooms. Report breaks block & pick up down by Room Type as well as provides totals at the end.

Group Pickup Report for Selected Group

Operations > Groups > Reports > Group Pickup Report for Selected Group

  • This report can also be accessed by click on the Group Pickup button in the Group Master.
  • This report lists all the rooms that a selected group has in block and how many of those rooms have been picked-up. This report breaks block & pickup down by Room Type.

Group Revenue Summary

Operations > Groups > Reports > Group Revenue Summary

This report produces a list of past, checked out groups for a selected date range. There is no date range limit on this report, however, the larger the date range selected, the longer it will take for the report to produce data.  The report shows a summary of group production by group.  On the report, Market Segment comes from the Market Segment that is on the Rate Plan that is attached to the Group.

NOTE: The AdvBlkDays field is Advance Block Days = Arrival Date – Group Creation date; this will let you know how long the group had the opportunity to book which is especially useful on individual pickup groups.

This Report includes:

  • Group Name
  • Group ID
  • AdvBlkDays
  • Group Arrival Date
  • Nts - Nights
  • Guests
  • Rm Occ
  • RmRev – Room Revenue
  • ADR
  • Oth Rev – Other Revenue
  • Ttl Rev – Total Revenue
  • Ttl ADR – Total ADR
  • Market Segment

When would I use this report?

  • This report will speak to the performance of the group during that range
  • This report will help to see how each Market Segment is doing
  • This report will help plan for groups in the future that are returning


Daily Group Pickups

Operations > Groups > Reports > Daily Group Pickups

This report produces a summary list of all group pickups for a selected date period (with a maximum date range of 31 days). The report shows the Block Committed, Blocked Picked Up and the Block Pickup Percentage.

Daily Group Pickups

Cutoff Date Report

Operations > Groups > Reports > Cutoff Date Report

This report lists all the Groups for a selected time period (maximum amount of nights is 31) and shows the Cutoff Date that has been set for each group. The report also shows how many Block Nights Committed and how many Block Nights have been Picked Up so far. This Report is based on each Groups Start Date.

Groups Rooms Control

Operations > Groups > Reports > Group Rooms Control

This report can be produced for future dates and will run for 31 days with a total for the month.  The report shows all Groups currently In House or Arriving in that 31 day period, with detail of the block/pickup so far for that group.  The revenue calculation and Market Segment is based on the default Rate Plan that is attached. (if manual rate is used, no Market Segment will show).

This report includes:

  • Date
  • Day of the Week
  • Total Block
  • Total Pickup
  • Group Name
  • Group ID
  • Group Block
  • Group Pickup
  • Group Rooms
  • Group Revenue
  • Group ADR
  • Market Segment

Cancelled Groups Report

Operations > Groups > Reports > Cancelled Groups

This report will ask for a date range to be selected and the date range is based on the Group Dates, not based on the cancellation date.

NOTE: The results will display the total amounts for the group. For example, if the group was arriving on September 30 for three nights, and the report was run from Oct 1 to Oct 31, this group would still display with total Room Nights and Revenue, including the data from September 30th.

Cancelled Groups Report Grayed Out

Please note that this report is only available for groups that were cancelled after October 7th, 2015; Once a group is cancelled after this date, the report will be activated:

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