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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About Groups


The following article reviews and answers some of the more commonly asked questions about groups.

Why do I get a Time Out Error when trying to enter a guest name into the Group Rooming List?

You can only enter names into the Rooming List area of the Group Wizard up until the day of arrival. Once the arrival date has passed you are unable to use the Rooming List to enter Guest Reservations. If you do attempt to enter names into the Rooming List after the arrival date you will receive a "Timeout Expired" error.

Therefore, if you need to create a guest reservation for a Group after the Group arrival date has passed, you must use the "New Res" button to create the reservation.

The PMS shows I am holding a block for a Group, but when looking in the Group Master, I cannot see the Group that is holding the block. Why?

The group has either been made inactive or it has no showed. To locate the group, go to Operations > Groups to open the Group Master List and select the View Menu. Next select the Search feature. The easiest way to search for a group is to uncheck the Exact Match box and type in the first few letters of the group name into the Group Name field. Select the Search button and your Group will appear. You can now open the Group to release the block.

Why am I getting a “syntax R” error when trying to enter a guest name into the Rooming List?

The rate you are attempting to attach to the reservation is currently unavailable. This could be because the rate is closed for the dates selected, is closed to arrival or has a minimum length of stay.

Why am I getting an error that says “Group ID Already Exists”? I do not see that Group ID anywhere in my list of current Groups.

The Group ID you are attempting to use could have been used on a past group and therefore not sohwing in the group master list.

Why am I getting a “Rate is not Available” error when entering a guest reservation into the Rooming List?

Reasons why you may be getting this error are:

  • A rate was not attached under the Rates Section of the Group Wizard
  • If you have just entered the Group and are attempting to enter a Rooming List right away, your Group Wizard may need to be refreshed in order for the Rooming List to upload the available rates. Exit out of the Group Wizard and the Group Master List and then re-enter the Group. The rates should now appear.

When I try to cancel a group the following error message appears: "The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_group_memos_groups". The conflict occurred in database "BnBWest", table "dbo.group_memos".”. Why?

A group cannot be cancelled if it has notes located within the Notes section of the Group Wizard. Delete the notes located in the Notes section and then you will be able to cancel the group.

Why did my block disappear?

This may be due to the cut-off days & cut-off type selected for the group.

Cut-off Days – the number of days before the Arrival Date that you would like for the block to release

Cut-off Type – whether the Group Block is to be released by Whole Block (the entire block will be released on the Cut off Date) or by One Day (the block will release one day at a time beginning with the first date set in the Cut off Date). 

Eg. If you set your group to have 30 days for cut-off days and whole block, your block will be removed 30 days prior to the group arrival

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