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How to setup Block to Release Automatically

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The following article explains how to set up a group's Cut-off Day to automatically release the unused portion of the block.

Cut-off Days

There is an option in the Group Wizard to setup Cut-off Days, which allows you to identify when you would like any unused rooms from the group block to be released back into general Inventory.

The Cut-off Days setting is found under the Primary tab in the Group Wizard.

  • Cut-off Days – the number of days based on the Arrival Date (or Pre Night if a Pre Night is set) before the block begins to be released
  • Cut-off Type – select if the Group Block is to be released by Whole Block (the entire block will be released on the selected date) or by One Day (the block will release one day at a time beginning with the first date set in the cut off days)
Cut-off Days

Enter the desired Cut-off Days & Cut-off Type and select Post to save.

In this example, the Cut-off Day is set to 14 days prior to arrival, for the Whole Block.

The Group Master

The Cut-off Date is displayed in the Group Master screen. This means that on November 28th, any rooms that were held for the group that have not been picked up, will be released back to general inventory.

The Group Master
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