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How to Copy a Group


The group copy function enables you to easily create multiple instances of your groups. The copy function will copy all of the block, rate information and guest services to a new group and allow you to change the group name, group id and arrival date. The current rooming list will NOT be copied using this function.

Go to Operations > Groups.

The Group Master will open. Locate the group that you wish to copy in the Group (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the group name) and select the “Copy” button to the left hand side of the screen.

The Group Copy box will appear. Fill in the following information:

  • Group Name – you may change the Group Name or keep it the same
  • Group ID – you must enter a unique Group ID for this Group. NOTE: If the Group Name does not change then the Group ID is required.
  • Arrival Date - select the new arrival date.
  • Copy Block Holds – to copy the group block along with the group information, ensure that a check-mark is placed next to the "Copy Block Holds" Box. If you do NOT wish to copy the group block, make sure you un-check this box.

Click Copy to complete the task, or Cancel to quit without copying.

The new group will now appear in your Group Master. This new group should be treated as a completely separate group and can be modified or cancelled on its own.

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