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How to Create a Group Reservation for Individual Pickup Reservations


The following steps review how to create a reservation for Group Guests that are on Individual Pickup (ie: they will be calling into make their own reservations).

Click New Res to open the reservation window.

The Calendar tab

Enter the reservation details:

  • Client Type – use the drop down menu to select the appropriate Group Client Type. Groups are tied to specific Client Types so the correct Client Type must be selected in order for a Group to appear. (NOTE: Client Types will vary from property to property, based on individual setup. Please consult your Manager if unclear on which Client Type to use for Group Reservations).
  • Room Charge – this drop down menu allows you to select the Room Charge Code that applies to this reservation. The default RCH Room Charge Code will most likely be selected for the majority of reservations created. (An example of another Room Charge Transaction Code that may be available is a "Tax Exempt" Room Charge Code which would allow Room Charges to post without taxes).
  • Arrival – select the arrival date for this reservation
  • Nights – select the number of nights the guest wishes to stay (NOTE: If you select a departure date, the number of nights will automatically populate)
  • Departure – select the departure date for this reservation (NOTE: If you select the number of nights the guest wishes to stay, the departure date will automatically populate)
  • C/O Time – this is the default check-out time for your property which is setup under System Configuration > Property > Preferences tab. If you wish to extend a late checkout to a guest, you may change the C/O Time here and it will then be reflected on the Housekeeping Reports. As there is no AM or PM designation, it is best to use 24 Hour/Military time in this field.
  • Adults/Child – select the number of adults & children that will be staying in the room. The number of people occupying a room can affect your rates so ensure the proper number of people is inputted.
  • Group – when a Group Client Type is selected, the Group field will automatically populate with a list of available Groups based on the Arrival & Departure dates selected (the group's correct Arrival & Departure dates MUST be entered first). Use the drop down menu to select the appropriate Group Account for your reservation. NOTE: The magnifying glass icon can be selected to enter the Group Module should you need to add or modify a Group Account at the time of booking.
The Calendar tab

Once all information has been filled out, click Refresh to load the Group's available rates and inventory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Inventory displayed in the booking window is based on the Group's block. The Available rooms will show up in light blue, while the rooms outside of the block (not being held) will show up in red, with an inventory level of "0". This does not indicated the hotel's overall inventory, simply the "Group Block" inventory.  Rooms outside of the block may still be booked for the group by using the Enable Overbook check-box. To confirm the hotel's overall room availability, click the Details button to view the Inventory Calendar.

Select the black arrow within the Rate column to display Available Rates for a specific Room Type.

To select a rate, check the check-box beside the Rate Name.

Now place a check-mark under the Book column to correspond with the Room Type & Rate you are looking for.

Once a check-mark has been placed under the Book column, you will see:

  1. The Room Rate + applicable Taxes for the guests stay populate in the box at the top of your screen
  2. A Reservation ID number will be assigned to the booking in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

The Guest Info tab

Proceed to the Guest Info tab and enter the guest information. (For more information on this, please review the article How to Create a Reservation for a Group Guest in the Reservations manual).

  1. When a Group is being set up, there is a field on the Group Wizard Primary tab called Attached Note, where notes about the group can be entered. They will append to guest reservations at the time of booking and will appear in the Res Note area of the Guest Info tab. The notes should provide you with important billing (and other) information regarding the group.
The Guest Info tab

Once created, the reservation will then appear in the Reservations screen.

Note how the reservation reflects that this is a “Group” booking and that the Group Notes (All charges to Master Account.) display within the Guest Info tab along with the Group Name (Mahogany Run PGA).

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