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How to Check Out a Group with Individual Billing


Checking out a Group guest with Individual Billing is the same as checking out a Transient Guest, since the guest will personally be paying all charges on their bill.

NOTE: The Check-Out tab of the Group Wizard cannot be used to check out guests with individual billing.

To check out a reservation you must be either on the In House, or Departures screens. Locate the guest you wish to check-out and click on the reservation (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the correct guest reservation). Select the Check-Out button located at the top of the screen (or select the F6 Function Key).

The Check-Out screen will appear with a list of folios and their balances located within the reservation that you are checking out. For this reservation there is only one folio, Folio #1.

This Folio has:

  • Room Charges (RCH) totaling $250.00
  • Other Charges (OthChg) totaling $198.99
  • Taxes totaling $62.35
  • There are no prior Payments (PMT) made on the folio, as the amount displayed is $0.00
  • The total Balance of the folio is $511.34

There are three check-boxes in each Folio row:

  • Print – check this box to print the folio upon checkout
  • Post Pmt Here – When dealing with a single folio check-out, this box will be automatically checked. When dealing with multiple folio check-outs, check this box to choose which folio to place the payment on (in multiple folio scenarios, the check-box can only be placed next to one folio at a time).
  • The Last Check-box – When dealing with a single folio check-out, this box will be checked automatically. When dealing with multiple folio check-outs, check this box to indicate which folios to pay. Based on which folios are selected, the Balance will be adjusted to display the new total payment required.

For reservations with a Credit Card on file, the card information will automatically populate here as default.

If the Payment Method is being changed at check-out, use the Code drop-down menu to select the proper method of payment.

Once the Payment Method is correct, proceed by clicking Check Out.

If the reservation is an Early Departure, the following box will appear asking you to select a reason for the early departure from the drop down menu provided. Once a reason has been selected, select “OK” to continue with the checkout.

Once the reservation is checked out, a message will appear to let you know the checkout was successful.

The reservation will now be moved to the Checked Out screen.  

Here we can see that Mr. Edwards' reservation is now checked out and that the Visa Payment has been applied to his folio. The balance on his folio is now 0.

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