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GDS Rate Linking Webinar

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This is an introduction to GDS Rate Linking in RoomKeyPMS. Watch to learn about what GDS Rate Linking is, where this tool is used, why it is beneficial, how to use this tool, and when clients can start using GDS Rate Linking. 

This tool is not applicable to Vertical Booking or TravelClick iHotelier Advanced 2-Way interfaces.

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How to Prepare your Database for GDS Rate Linking

Complete the following steps to prepare your database for using GDS Rate Linking:

  1. Contact RoomKeyPMS Customer Support via email: [email protected] and request the GDS Linking Tables function for your database
  2.  Give System Configuration permission 2110, GDS Linking Tables to each Clerk ID responsible for doing this task in RoomKeyPMS
Create a New Rate Plan in your GDS Portal and a New Rate Plan in the Rate Wizard

You must create the new rate plan in your GDS portal first, before creating the new rate plan in RoomKeyPMS

TIP: We recommend using the same rate name and rate code when creating your rate plan in the GDS portal and RoomKeyPMS

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