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Clerk Management, Permissions and Communication Webinar


This is an introduction to the Clerks module and the Message Center in RoomKeyPMS. Watch this webinar to learn how to manage users and customize their permissions, as well as leverage the tools in the Message center to send internal messages, assign task lists, and more!

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How to Manage Clerk Permissions

Use the RoomKeyPMS Permissions List for reference when managing Clerk ID permissions. For more information about managing permissions in RoomKeyPMS, please see the following support article: Updating Clerk Permissions

How to Apply an IP Restriction to a Clerk ID

IP restrictions are optional and can only be used with Static IP Addresses

How to Give a Clerk ID Access to Chained Properties

RoomKeyPMS uses the terms "Chained" and "Hotel Chain" to refer to sister properties that may share staff/management, head office operations, and/or guest profiles. You can give a user access to two or more properties using one Clerk ID login name and password.

The following information is not applicable to independent hotel operations.

How to Deactivate a Clerk ID

You cannot delete a Clerk ID, you must deactivate it to prevent the user from logging into RoomKeyPMS in the future. 

How to Create and Manage Departments

Departments are used to organize Clerk IDs into groups, usually based on the staff's role at the hotel; for example: Front Desk, Housekeeping, Management, etc. 

You can add a Clerk ID to more than one department, for example: A Front Office Manager (FOM) may be added to both the Front Desk and the Management departments.

The PreArrival Notifications department is required for properties that use RoomKeyPMS Mobile Check-In/Out and should not be deleted. For more information about how this department is used, please see the following support article: How to Customize the Notifications Group.

The GDS Notification department is required for properties that use Vertical Booking or iHotelier Advanced Two-Way Interface and should not be deleted.

Click below for more information about Clerk and Department Communications:

How to Send a Message to a Clerk or Department

The following video will demonstrate how to send a message to a department to let them know that a new Front Desk Agent will be joining the team. 

We will also see what a message center notification looks like when we receive a BOLO message from another user; and how to add a comment/reply to a message.

How to Assign Tasks and Reminders

The following video will demonstrate how to assign a Task with reminders to individual Clerk IDs,  Departments, and/or yourself.  Tasks require a Due Date and must be marked as complete by at least one of the recipients. 

How to Create a Task List and Assign it as a Repeatable Task

The following video will demonstrate how to create a Task List, similar to a Shift Duty Sheet or Daily Tasks, that can be set to repeat each day. You will see how the Task can be assigned to multiple Clerks, and each user has access to the Task List to view what items have been completed. 

How to Create a Log Entry

The following video will demonstrate how to create a Logbook Entry to track notable events throughout the shift or day. Log Entries are viewable to all users within the Message Center; they cannot be assigned to select Clerks, deleted, or repeated.

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