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Rate Wizard Training Webinar

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This is an introduction to the Rate Wizard module in RoomKeyPMS. Watch this webinar to learn how to create a rate plan, load rate prices, manage restrictions, and more!

The following three steps are required to create and distribute a new rate:

  1. Create a New Rate Plan
  2. Setup a Rate Template and Load Rate Prices
  3. Attach a Client Type

TIP: to change a existing Rate Plan price, load future rate prices, apply rate restrictions, etc. you can review the same steps in Setting up a Rate Template and Load Rate Prices.

Click below for more information:

How to Access the Rate Wizard
How to Create a New Rate Plan
How to Setup a Rate Template & Load Rate Prices
How to Attach a Client Type to a Rate Plan (Make it Bookable!)
How to Setup a Tier Enabled Rate
How to View Rate Adjustment History
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