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What is a Master Account and How Does it Work?

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This article explains what a Master Account is, and how to use it in the City Ledger.

Master Account

What is a Master Account?

If you have a company with multiple different branches, a Master Account can be used to tie these branches together so when you do a search for the Master Account, a list of all the corresponding branches appear as well. For example, Bank of the World is a City Ledger Account in the PMS. Many different branches of Bank of the World stay at your property and each branch has their own City Account under their own Branch name (ie: XYZ Bank, ABC Bank). By attaching the Bank of the World Master Account to each of these branches, when you do a search for Bank of the World, a list of all the branches will appear as well.

Important Note: Master Accounts are their own City Ledger Accounts: therefore the Master City Ledger Account must be created first, before any another City Ledger Accounts can be attached to it.

You can add a Master Account while you are creating the City Ledger Account, or after it has been created. If you are creating a new City Ledger Account, a Master Account is added via the Billing Address & Master Account Setup screen. If you are unsure how to create a City Account please see the article How to Create a City Account in the City Ledger Module.

Master Account

Adding a Master Account

If the City Account already exists, proceed to the Account Details > Billing Address & Master Account Setup tab of the City Ledger Account Master screen and select the Edit Account button located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Adding a Master Account

Select the Select Master Account button to add a Master Account.

To search for a City Ledger Account, first select how you would like to search, ie: by Account Name, Phone Number or Contact Name. Ensure the correct dial is selected.

Next, enter your search criteria into the What should we be searching for box and select the Search button.

A list of City Accounts that match your search criteria will appear in a list below. Click on the desired City Account and press the Select button in the bottom right and corner of the screen.

The Master Account will now be attached to the City Account. Should you wish to remove the Master Account, simply select the Remove Master Account button.

Now, when doing a City Ledger Account Search for "Bank of the World", any attached accounts will also show up. The results will be displayed in a list of:

  1. Most Likely Matches - displays the account name that is closest to your entered search terms
  2. Other Possible Matches - shows accounts that are attached to the Master Account
City Ledger Account Search
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