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How to Assign a PO # to an Invoice


Purchase Orders are used by many companies to pay invoices. The PMS is capable of tracking a purchase order number from the time of reservation, through to the invoicing stage, and can be searched on in the City Ledger.  The following article explains how to assign a Purchase Order # to reservations, and invoices.

Assigning a PO Number to a Reservation

When making a reservation, a Purchase Order number can be entered into the P/O Number field on the Guest Info tab.

For more information on making reservations, please consult the Reservations module.

Assigning a PO Number to a Reservation

When the reservation is checked out to the City Ledger, an invoice for the charges will be created. The Purchase Order number will transfer over to the invoice, and will become searchable on the City Ledger.  

Clicking the Change PO Number will allow for the PO Number to be edited, or added if one is not yet present.

Adding A PO Number to an Invoice on the City Ledger

If a PO Number is received after the invoice is created, it will need to be added to the invoice on the City Ledger.  To do this, locate the invoice the PO Number needs to be added to. For more information on searching for invoices, please see the article How to Search for an Invoice in the City Ledger module.

Once the correct invoice is located, select the Change PO Number button in the Details tab.

Adding A PO Number to an Invoice on the City Ledger

A box will appear allowing you to enter the PO Number. Click Save to save changes.

Viewing PO Numbers on Invoices

When printing a copy of the Invoice, the PO Number will appear to the right of the invoice under the Invoice Date.

Viewing PO Numbers on Invoices

Searching for a PO Number

To search by Purchase Order Number, from the main window of the City Ledger, click Search.

Searching for a PO Number
  1. In the Search box, check the box next to Invoices/Reservations
  2. Select PO Number
  3. Enter the PO Number into the field
  4. Click Ok

The results will be displayed in the Open Invoices screen.

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