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How to View Account Link Status

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Viewing Account Link Statuses allows you to view any Corporate, Group, or Wholesale Accounts that may be linked to a City Ledger Account, or in other words, have Direct Billing setup to route the City Ledger Account.  Removing the Account Link will prevent any further invoicing to the City Ledger from those Accounts.

Go to Operations > City Ledger.

To view a list of Corporate, Group and Wholesaler Accounts that are tied to a specific City Ledger Account, first, select the City Ledger Account whose account link status you wish to view (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the City Ledger Account). Next, click on the View Account Link Status menu at the top of the screen.

View Account Link Status

A box will appear providing a list of Corporate, Wholesaler and Groups that are currently tied to this City Ledger Account. You may print this list by selecting the Print Conflicts button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

The Print Conflicts Report will provide you not only with all the Account Links, but any Reservations that are linked as well.

Print Conflicts Report
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