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How to Assign Payment Credits to a City Ledger Account

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Payment Credits can come in the form of a prepayment to an account, or when an account has been overpaid, the remaining funds can be converted to a Payment Credit. The following article explains how to apply Payment Credits to a City Ledger Account.

Go to Operations > City Ledger. Locate the City Ledger Account on which to the Payment Credit is to be applied. Double click on the account to open the City Ledger Account Master screen. Select the Apply Credit to Account button located at the bottom of the screen.

Fill in the following information:

  • Transaction Code – select the transaction code that corresponds with the method of payment
  • Reference – auto populates with the description of the transaction code select, additional information may be entered
  • Cheque # - in this situation the payment is by cheque, therefore the cheque number has been entered
  • Amount – enter the amount of the payment being made
  • Select Ok to apply the Account Credit

A message will appear asking you to confirm that this payment is to be posted as a Payment Credit. Select Yes to continue.

The posted credit will now appear under the Existing Payment Credits on Account section of the City Ledger Account Master.

The Account will also now reflect the credit in the Payment Credits column.

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