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How to Lock a City Ledger Account

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In this article we will show how to lock a City Ledger Account, preventing any further transfers from the Front Desk to the City Ledger Account. This step would be commonly used when dealing with accounts that are in arrears.

Lock vs. Close?

What is the difference between locking a City Account and closing a City Account?

  • Locking – when you lock a City Account this means that the Front Desk can no longer perform transfers to the City Account. You can still post charges/payments from within the City Ledger and make changes to the account, but only from directly within the City Ledger Module.
  • Closing – when you close a City Account this means that you are closing the account to everyone. Charges/payments and changes to the account can no longer be preformed on the account unless it is reopened. It is closed to everyone.

Search for the desired Account

Go to Operations > City Ledger and locate the City Ledger Account you wish to lock. If you do not see the desired City Ledger Account in the list, it could be for one of two reasons:

  • The City Ledger Account is already Closed. In this case, select the Closed dial at the  bottom of the screen to view all of your closed City Accounts.
  • The City Ledger Account has a Zero Balance. In this case, check the Show Zero Balance Accounts check-box at the bottom of the screen to view all of your City Accounts, with or without a 0 balance.
Search for the desired Account

Locking an Account

Once you have located the City Account, ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the correct City Account and then select the Lock Account button located at the top of the screen.

Locking an Account

A message will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to lock the selected account. Select Yes to lock the account, or No to cancel without making any changes.

A final message will then appear confirming the account has been locked.

Viewing Locked Accounts

Locked accounts appear in orange, and display a lock symbol in the last column to the right,

Viewing Locked Accounts

Working in a Locked Account

When working in a locked account an orange border will always display as a reminder that you are working in a locked account.

Working in a Locked Account
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