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How to Email an Invoice


NOTE: The PMS needs to be setup to send emails prior to attempting to email an invoice. To learn how to configure the PMS to send emails, please see the article How to Setup your PMS to Send Email Confirmations in the System Configuration manual.

There are two ways to email an Invoice:

  • Locate the Invoice you wish to email in the Open Invoices tab and then go to Reports > Invoice > Select Custom Invoice
  • Locate the Invoice you wish to email, double click on the Invoice to open the Details for Invoice screen, then click the Print Invoice button. When asked if you would like to print the default invoice, click No

The City Invoice Designer will appear. The default invoice for the City Ledger is Def.frf. If this is the invoice you wish to send, click on it so it highlights in blue.

At the bottom of the City Invoice Designer is the email information:

  • Email – this field will auto populate with the email address located on the City Ledge Account. It can be edited to send to a different email address if needed.
  • Subject – this field will auto populate with the Invoice Name. This field may be edited if needed
  • Text vs. HTML – allows you to select if you wish to send the email in a Text Format or an HTML format (HMTL is recommended)
  • Send – select this button to email the client a copy of their Invoice

A message will appear to confirm the email was successfully sent.

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