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How to See Who's Read Log Book Entries

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To see who's read Log Book entries, go to Operations > Message Center. Double click on the desired Log Book entry to view.

This screen will list all the Users that have read all, or part of the message that was sent.

NOTE: Due to the large amount of Clerks that are sent the Log Book only the Clerks that have read all or part of the Log Book will appear in this list.

  1. The top shows whom the Log Entry was created by, when it was created, and when the last comment was added. It also displays the Total Comments that have been made to the Log Entry.
  2. Next,there is a list of all the Clerks that have received the message.
  • Green – indicates that the message has been read
  • Orange – indicates that part of the message has been read but not all
  • Red – indicates none of the message has been read.

3.     The Comments Read column indicates how many of the comments each Clerk has read.

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