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How to Filter View of Tasks & Task Lists

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The following article reviews how to use the filter function in the My Tasks tab to customize what is being displayed.

Proceed to Operations > Message Center > My Tasks tab. Click the Search button.

The Message Search window provides various filter options:

  • Created By – allows you to search for Task created by a specific user
  • Created – the option allows you to search for Task created Before, After or On a selected date
  • Task Options – check this box to access the following search options
    • Completed Task & Incomplete Tasks
      • Check the Complete Tasks option to view completed tasks
      • Check the Incomplete Tasks to view incomplete tasks
      • Check both Complete Tasks and Incomplete Tasks to view both at the same time
    • Due – Check this box and select to view Tasks due Before, After or On a specific date
    • Attached to Reservation ID – enter the Res ID of a specific reservation to view the associated Task (NOTE: A Res ID number must be entered, otherwise the error message “is not a valid integer value” will appear.)
    • Has Task List – check to view Tasks that have a Task List attached

When finished entering search criteria, click Search to see a list of the corresponding Task/Task Lists.

Message Search

The My Tasks tab will now show only the Tasks/Task Lists based on the search criteria entered.

  1. To further refine the current search criteria, click the Search button to reopen the Message Search box
  2. To clear the current search criteria, click the Clear Search button
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