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How to Filter View of Log Book Entries

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Proceed to Operations > Message Center > Log Entries tab. Select Search at the bottom.

Filter by Clerk

There are two filter options for Log Entries. One is to filter entries created by a specific Clerk.

To filter by Clerk:

  • Check Created By
  • Place a check next to the Clerk's name under the Message Recipients list
  • Click Search to view the Log Entries

NOTE: This will only search for whomever created the original Log Entry. Additional comments added by other people throughout the day will not be searched, but will be displayed as part of the entire log when viewed.

Filter by Clerk

Filter by Date

The second option is to filter Log Entries by date.

To filter by Date:

  • Check Created
  • Choose from Before, After or On from the drop down
  • Select the desired Date
  • Click Search to view the Log Entries
Filter by Date

Lastly, it is possible to combine the two methods, and search for entries by a specific individual, before, on or after a specific date.

Combined Search
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