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How to Group Clerks into Departments

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In order to make assigning tasks and sending messages to various clerks a bit easier, the PMS allows clerks to be grouped into different Departments. This way, to send a message to everyone at the Front Desk, a Department called “Front Desk” can be created, all Front Desk Clerks can be attached to this Department. One clerk can also be assigned to Multiple Departments.

The following article reviews how to set up Departments, and attach Clerks to them.

Creating a Department

To group Clerks into Departments go to System Configuration > Clerks.

NOTE: Departments are not tied to Clerk Permissions in any way, and only apply to the Message Center.

Creating a Department


Proceed to the Departments tab.

Under Departments, there are two areas:

  • Assign Users
  • Departments

To create a Department, select the Departments area, then select Add New.

Enter the name of the Department and select Save.

Continue to add as many Departments as desired.

The Edit and Delete buttons can be used to make changes as needed.

Assign Users

To assign Clerks to a Department, proceed to the Assign Users area. Use the drop down menu to select a Department.

Assign Users

Once a Department has been selected, select the Clerk under the All Users column that you wish to assign to the Department and then click the Add button.

NOTE: Use the Remove button to remove users from a specific department.

Once all Clerks have been assigned, click Post to save.

NOTE: It is possible to have one clerk assigned to multiple Departments. For example, a Clerk may be part of the "Front Office" Department, but may also belong to the "Front Office Supervisors" Department. In this case they would be added to both, so they received general messages sent to the Front Office, as well as those only sent to Front Office Supervisors.

Sending Messages by Department

Now, in the Message Center (Operations > Message Center), when setting up a Task or a Message, it will be possible to send messages in a variety of ways:

  • Placing a check next to All Staff sends the task/message to all Clerks in the PMS
  • Placing a check next to a Department(s) send the task/message to all Clerks within the Department(s) selected
  • Placing a check next to a specific Clerk's names will send the task/message to only those Clerks selected

NOTE: Use the + symbol to open up the list of people that belong to a specific department.

Sending Messages by Department
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