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How to Complete a Task List Item


The following article reviews how to complete an item that is part of a Task List in the Message Center.

Proceed to Operations > Message Center > My Tasks tab.  Double click on the Task List being worked on.

Click View Task Attachment.

To print a paper copy of the Task List and manually check off the items, click the Print button at the bottom of the screen, otherwise, to complete a task, check the box beside each task as they are completed.

When checking an item off the list, a message will appear asking to confirm completion of the item on the Task List. Click Yes to continue.

Another window will open, allowing for a comment to be added (comments are optional). To complete the task, click Ok.

Once an item on the Task List is completed it will appear in Green. The name of the person that completed the task will appear under the Completed By column.

If any comments were made regarding the completed task, a little paper icon will appear in the far right column. Double click on this icon to view the comments.

NOTE: The Task List can also be printed once it has been completed, so that a record can be kept and turned in.  When printed, it will show the agent that completed the Task, when it was completed, as well as any comments that were added.

Once the Task List is completed, under My Tasks, the red bookmark icon will now be replaced by a green check beside it to show it is completed.

NOTE: Task List Tasks (not the Task List templates) are deleted from the PMS 30 days after they are completed.

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