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How to Delete (Deactivate) a Rate Plan in the Rate Wizard

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The following article describes how to deactivate a rate plan. Because historical information is retained within the Rate Wizard automatically, a rate plan cannot be deleted; therefore we recommend removing the distribution channels. This will prevent the rate from being used for Arrivals and future Reservations; however it will not affect In-House, Checked Out, or Cancelled reservations

In the Rate Wizard

  1. Select the Rate Plan
  2. Select the Edit button (Pen & Paper symbol)
  3. In the General tab, make the following changes:
    • Disable the Direct Hotel, CRS, Hotel Website, and GDS checkboxes
    • Optional: In the Rate Name field, add the prefix "z-" to push the rate plan to the bottom of the list of rate plans in the Rate Wizard
  4. Select the Update button

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How to Identify a Deactivated Rate Plan

When a rate plan has been deactivated it will still appear in the Rate Wizard, however there will be no checkmarks in the Hotel Website, GDS, CRS, or Direct columns. If the optional prefix "z-" has been added to the Rate Name field, the rate will appear at the bottom of the list of rate plans on the main page of the Rate Wizard.

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